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Clash Force

Chris Shimoda, a senior vice president at the California Trucking Association, which represents truck drivers, said the heavy weight of electric truck batteries could force trucks to forgo around 8,000 pounds of their load capacity, increasing the need for more trucks and drivers to transport cargo at a time when the industry is already facing a worker shortage.

Clash Force

Speaking of martial arts users, Ivy has a Martial Monk in her crew. They will drop the Steel-hand Art if you kill them. So, as tough as it may be, you really want to try to take them out first before you land the finishing blow on Ivy. But don't be surprised if holding back in order to kill the monk forces you to rewind time a little, as giving Ivy another round can very quickly turn into her kiling a unit (which is pretty brutal if you are playing on classic). Once you are ready to fight her, move a unit with high magic resistance forward in the center opening to draw Ivy out, while having your more mobile units positioned in the corners. When Ivy rushes forward, have your people in the corners swoop in and take out her support units from behind.

John Force Racing, Inc., based in Yorba Linda, Calif., and Brownsburg, Ind., is a professional sports dynasty, one that has earned 18 NHRA championships and claimed 250 professional victories in Funny Car (247) and Top Fuel (3). Led by team owner and driver John Force, a 16-time Funny Car Champion, 1996 Driver of the Year for all of American motor racing, 2011 International Motorsports Hall of Fame inductee, and driver of the PEAK Coolant and Motor Oil Chevrolet Camaro SS Funny Car, JFR is additionally comprised of Auto Club of Southern California Chevrolet Camaro SS driver Robert Hight, 2009 Funny Car champion and 2005 NHRA Rookie of the Year; Advance Auto Parts Chevrolet Camaro SS driver Courtney Force, 2012 NHRA Rookie of the Year; and Monster Energy Top Fuel Dragster driver Brittany Force, 2013 NHRA Rookie of the Year. For more information, please visit

Insofar as Israel was directly responding to the downing of the fighter jet and Syrian anti-aircraft fire in striking the additional targets, it seems that it has a stronger legal argument than it does for the initial strike against the control vehicle. It is hard to argue that intensive fire into Israeli territory would not meet the threshold of an armed attack that would merit the use of force in self-defense. The problem is that we do not know whether all the targets that Israel attacked were linked to the anti-aircraft fire and the UAV threat. Therefore, it is difficult to assess whether this use of force was necessary for stopping the fire and proportional to the harm that Israel had suffered.

Proponents of the doctrine of preventive self-defense have argued that the nature of modern threats and the danger to civilians as a result of the activities of non-state actors and states that do not play by the rules of international law require the expansion of the right to self-defense, at least in relation to rogue states and terrorist organizations that explicitly threaten to use force and that have a proven history of such use. Opponents of the doctrine point out that such expansion of the right to self-defense permits large-scale use of unilateral force and that it significantly dilutes the prohibition on the use of force enshrined in the U.N. Charter. The reliance on preventive measures also tends to justify the use of force by powerful states at the expense of weak states, undermining their sovereignty. According to opponents of preventive self-defense, the way to deal with the strengthening of rogue states and terrorist organizations is through diplomacy, economic pressure, and the U.N. Security Council.

BENGHAZI, Libya (Reuters) - At least four Libyan soldiers were killed on Friday when forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar fought with a local armed group as they sought to expand south, military officials said, with the World Health Organization putting the overall death toll at 14. Libya has been in turmoil since the NATO-backed toppling of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, with parallel administrations and armed groups carving the nation into swathes of control. Friday's clashes were the first real resistance the Libyan National Army (LNA) faction faced since arriving in the south two weeks ago from its main eastern stronghold of Benghazi. An official at the WHO said the fighting had killed 14 and wounded 64, mostly from the LNA's opponents. No more information was immediately available. LNA officials said clashes began when soldiers left the main southern city of Sabha and arrived in the nearby town of Ghudduwah. It backed troops with air strikes on the "terrorists" and "Chadian mercenaries", the officials said, using a pejorative for Chadian opposition groups active in south Libya. As well as the four LNA fatalities, several of its soldiers were wounded, the officials said. A WHO official said on Twitter the organization had delivered emergency supplies to a local hospital. The LNA spent the last two weeks securing Sabha, which had been nominally under the control of the internationally-recognized government in Tripoli but was in practice run by local groups including tribes. The LNA says its campaign is intended to combat Islamic militants and secure oil facilities in the south, which include El Sharara oilfield, Libya's biggest. It has been closed since December when tribesmen and state guards seized it. The LNA, whose commander Haftar dominates eastern Libya, is allied to a parallel government in Benghazi that opposes the Tripoli administration. (Reporting by Ayman al-Warfalli and Ulf Laessing; writing by Ulf Laessing; editing by Andrew Cawthorne and Rosalba O'Brien)

Tony Schumacher, Steve Torrence, Antron Brown and Brittany Force have combined for 16 class championships, including the past eight. It was a veritable clash of drag racing titans. And when the smoke and fire and cloudy haze that kept track temperatures down on a balmy 80-degree day lifted, it was the least decorated of the fantastic four who stood alone at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

In a brief statement, the U.S.-led military coalition said the clash had occurred after the patrol passed through the checkpoint, when the forces "came under small arms fire from individuals in the vicinity of the checkpoint." The coalition forces returned fire but did not sustain any casualties, according to the statement.

Both SOHR and Syrian state media said the American forces called in helicopter gunships that struck the checkpoint, leaving casualties among regime soldiers. State news agency SANA said one soldier was killed and two wounded after "an American patrol tried to enter the area of the deployment of one of our combat formations in the countryside of the city of Qamishli."

SOHR said it was the first deadly clash involving the myriad foreign forces in Syria in six months, but tension in the northern part of the country has been high. Along with the Russian backed Syrian state forces and Russian troops, Kurdish fighters, Turkish-backed militias, and the U.S. military all operate in the area.

Confrontations like the one that lead to the clash on Monday have occurred regularly in the region for months, with U.S. patrols coming into contact with Syrian forces and their Russian counterparts, but they have largely been resolved without deadly force.

A burst of deadly violence between U.S. forces and suspected Iranian proxies in Syria has reignited long smoldering tensions between Washington and Tehran, with the Biden administration warning Friday that while it wants to avoid a wider confrontation, indiscriminate attacks on U.S. troops would not go unpunished.

American F-15 fighter jets carried out two airstrikes in response, Ryder said. The jets targeted facilities associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, an elite Iranian force that, via its network of proxies, has targeted U.S. troops in the Middle East on and off for years.

The Mamasapano clash was a shootout that took place during a police operation by the Special Action Force (SAF) of the Philippine National Police (PNP) on January 25, 2015, in Tukanalipao, Mamasapano, then-undivided Maguindanao (which is now Maguindanao del Sur). The operation, codenamed Oplan Exodus, was intended to capture or kill wanted Malaysian terrorist and bomb-maker Zulkifli Abdhir and other Malaysian terrorists or high-ranking members of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

A total of 44 SAF personnel were killed during the encounter.[citation needed] #Fallen44 became a worldwide trend on Twitter as an effort to honor the 44 slain SAF members.[32] The SAF casualties were later dubbed as the Fallen 44. The incident saw one of the highest fatalities of government forces in a single peace time operation.

The chairman of the Philippine Senate Committee on Local Government, Bongbong Marcos, stated that hearings regarding the involvement of security and armed forces provisions of the Bangsamoro Basic Law were halted. Senator Alan Peter Cayetano also claimed that his coalition will withdraw its support for the Bangsamoro Basic Law, endangering the ongoing peace process.[43] While the Philippine House of Representatives also suspended its hearings on the Bangsamoro Basic Law,[44] Speaker Feliciano Belmonte said that the lower house remained supportive of the measure, although it had been somewhat "eroded" due to the killings. He also took note that unlike in the Senate where Cayetano and JV Ejercito had withdrawn their sponsorship of the bill, no congressman had done the same, and that the measure would be passed on time.[45]

The PNP relieved Special Action Force head Director Getulio Napeñas of his post following the clash in Maguindanao; he was replaced by deputy SAF director Chief Superintendent Noli Taliño. At a press briefing at Camp Crame, PNP Deputy Director General Leonardo Espina and Secretary of the Interior and Local Government Mar Roxas announced the establishment of a board of inquiry tasked with the investigation of the police encounter in Maguindanao.[16] The PNP released the board of inquiry in March 2015.[10] 041b061a72


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