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Makeup Dupemaybelline Black Gel Eyeliner Is A 100 Dupe For Mac

Featuring a slender and supple felt brush tip, this vegan eyeliner by NYX is an intensely pigmented, waterproof eyeliner pen that lets you achieve precise, seamless, black/brown liquid lines effortlessly. Available in Black and Brown.

Makeup Dupemaybelline Black Gel Eyeliner Is A 100 Dupe For Mac

Free of carbon black and cyclomethicone, this water-resistant formula smoothly slicks on saturated color. It works like a pencil and holds like a gel. This clean vegan eyeliner gives you the flexibility to create a range of looks: blend it out for a smoky effect or subtly hug the lash line. Available in Black and Brown.

And to really prove it to you, we spent an exorbitant amount of time trolling beauty forums, makeup artist and hairstylist recommendations, and comparing ingredients lists of drugstore products to that of high-end products (yes, we really did that) to find you the very best of the best drugstore dupes. Keep reading to find your new favorite beauty swaps, and give your wallet a little breather this month.

This carbon-black liquid liner has an ultra-skinny, felt-tip brush, making it easy to swipe a bold line across your lash lines. Not only is it the best drugstore dupe for Kat Von D's liner, but it also truly doesn't budge or flake.

Blythe by Careline Andrea Brillantes collection review, price, swatchPRICE: to be revealed within the postFROM: FreeOTHER LOCATIONS: Available at Careline counters; LazadaTHE VERDICT:Blythe Cosmetics by Andrea Brillantes is perhaps one of the most awaited local celebrity makeup launches this year, all thanks to the popularity of Kadenang Ginto and the villainous Marga played by teen superstar Andrea, who by the way is now immortalized as a meme because of her iconic line in the t.v. series "YOU DO NOTE MARGA".Welcome to a swatch fest and review of all the items in this collection!Blythe by Careline is the first celebrity makeup collaboration between Careline and their endorser, Andrea Brillantes. Inspired by all things cosmic, Blythe is a fun makeup collection for teens and teens at heart that includes everyday makeup items with a glittery twist, pops of color, and in shades and combinations conceptualized by Andrea herself, based on her personal makeup style and favorites.Blythe by Careline Face Palette (P245) is an eyeshadow and cream blush palette that lets you transform a fresh, blushing look with a pop of eyeshadow. The palettes come in two color combinations: Twilight for daytime and Eclipse for night time.At the bottom is a huge pan of cream blush. When asked during the event why she chose to fill the bottom with cream blush alone, she said that she loves blush and she's known for her intense blush look that's why she made this.Blythe by Careline Stardust Palette (P275) is a trio highlighter with three shades that will complement fair and warm skin tones, and a funky shade for avant garde looks or anytime you want to sport a unique shade of highlighter.Blythe by Careline Stellar Shine and Majestic Matte lipsticks (P165) are the most extensive products in the collection. Each has 4 shades; Majestic Matte has bolder, cooler colors while Stellar Shine has everyday shades.Blythe by Careline Cloud Tint (P195) is a multipurpose liquid color for the lips, lids, and eyes; it's the collection's version of the matte cheek tint; it offers 6 shades.Blythe by Careline Starlight Eyes (P195) is a liquid glitter eyeshadow; it comes in three shades. It can be used on its own, as a topper, or as an eyeliner. When Andrea was asked why she created this product, she simply said that she loves glitter eyeshadows!Blythe by Careline Eyeliner Duo Stamp (P185) comes in two shades and stamp designs: Falling Star has a brown eyeliner and black star- shaped stamp while Black Magic has a black eyeliner and black wing- shaped stamp for an easy winged eye.Blythe by Careline Perfect Brow Trio (P265) is a brow pencil, brow mascara, and brow powder trio to achieve Andrea's iconic bushy brows or anytime you want to shuffle between brow products without actually spending for these individually. This reminds me of L'Oreal's brow artist powder + pencil + spoolie trio, but this has a mascara instead of a spoolie; yay to more brow product.Majestic Matte lipsticks have a buttery matte formula and finish is semi- matte. Stellar Satin is a beautiful satin lipstick with just the right of moisture and great pigmentation; pretty impressed with the satin lipstick formula and IMO, one of the best satin lipsticks I've encountered. Staying power for the matte lipstick is pretty good while the satin lipsticks have to be re-applied after every meal. Both lipsticks are non-drying.Cloud Tint has a semi- mousse formula and sets into a matte finish; pigmentation is great and it's pretty blendable, but better blend this one right away once applied on the skin because once it sets, it's done! Staying power is pretty good, but needs to be retouched after a meal and needs to be worn on top of primer if you have very oily lids.. Formula is a little drying on the lips so I prefer using the tints on my cheeks and lids. The eyeshadows of Face Palette in Twilight are great for warm skin tone, but generally, they're universally flattering; the shades are classic and can be worn anytime; there are two matte shades and two metallic shades. The cream blush comes in a deep rose hue; truly perfect for morenas and it's pigmented as well.Stardust Palette has three highlighter shades: rose champagne, light gold, and a duochrome bluish purple; love that the palette has options for day, night, and a fun shade for random makeup looks. The highlighter powders have a semi- smooth texture and pigmentation is great; finish is half shimmery and half glittery, and it's the kind of highlighter that pops so apply sparingly.Perfect Brow Trio has medium to heavy pigmentation; Graphite is a taupe gray shade which is great for girls with black hair who prefer a shade that will perfectly match their color, but isn't necessarily striking. Staying power for the brow trio is okay; it's not waterproof, but pretty much stays intact the whole day.Starlight Eyes is a nice lid wash; was expecting it to be highly glittery based on the swatch, but it's not; it's a semi- shimmery cream shadow with specks of glitter. If you want it to appear more glittery, apply it on a small spot on the lids only or on top of powder to increase intensity. It's not waterproof though.Eyeliner Stamp is such a fun product; I use Black Magic all the time and it makes winged liner such a breeze; it has Careline's signature long- lasting eyeliner formula and this baby stays the whole day as well as the star stamp. It's very pigmented too! However, the felt applicator is kinda' saturated with the product so apply with a light hand; don't press the applicator too hard on your lids because the product might bleed onto your lidsMy most favorite product in the collection has got to be the Face Palette's cream blush. First of all, I love the shade-compliments my skin tone very well. Second, it's pigmented; a little goes a long way. Third, it can be applied before or after powder and you won't have any problem with streakiness. Finally, as long as you set it properly, it can last long and give you that drunk blush look for hours.Now let's check out the lipsticks.STELLAR SATIN LIPSTICK IN JULIET- Pale rose with beige undertone.STELLAR SATIN IN TITANIA- Deep, brownish roseMAJESTIC MATTE LIPSTICK IN KELVIN- Vintage, warm orangeMAJESTIC MATTE IN VIXEN- Deep violet shade. I was expecting that this lipstick would come off patchy because that's simply my experience with affordable, deep, pigmented lipsticks, but was pleasantly surprised that it applies evenly and well!CLOUD TINT IN NEBULA- Midtone peachCLOUD TINT IN VEIL- Bluish redOverall, Blythe by Careline is a great collection: love the colors, the products perform well, and most importantly, affordable; it's one of my favorite celebrity makeup lines so far. Andrea Brillantes' talent for makeup and colors shone in this collection; because the girl is quite talented with makeup, not to mention it is one of her passions as well; this goes without saying I'm looking forward to what she will come up with next.Among all the products, I recommend the following: Face palette in Eclipse, Majestic Matte Lipstick in Kelvin, Stellar Shine in Titania, Eyeliner Stamps, and Cloud Tint in Nebula.What are your favorites from this collection?BLYTHE BY CARELINE ANDREA BRILLANTES RATINGPlease visit BLYTHE BY CARELINE on Facebook for more details.

But if you're not necessarily attached to anything in your makeup bag or on your vanity, finding makeup dupes might just become your new hobby. It happened to me, anyway. I am a huge fan of makeup and like researching new items to expand my collection, whilst getting the best bang for my buck. During my Internet escapades, I one day came across the Instagram account, and my life changed forever. The account posts swatches and product reviews with almost every post.

As you can see, the NYX Butter Lipstick in 'Licorice' is nearly the same exact color and for $24 less. So, see: You get all that from the comfort of your own Instagram feed! In an effort to make your wallet and your makeup collection smile, here are nine nearly spot-on drugstore dupes that will help you start those spring savings just a little sooner. NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo Vs. ELF Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder. $42, $7, Some people swear by NARS' 'Orgasm' blush and Laguna Bronzer, and obviously, it's a great product! But ELF's version has almost the same consistently and shades in a package that even looks similar to a NARS product.


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