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Where To Buy Stainmaster Carpet Cleaner [PATCHED]

* There are certain things to consider when choosing your carpet: where is it going and how are the rooms being used - A low, dense fiber on stairs is best; a rarely used guest bedroom might be a good place to save money and use a polyester.

where to buy stainmaster carpet cleaner

Our house was new when we bought it, with new builder-grade carpet. It was soft and pretty and nice underfoot. I have allergies, as do both my kids. Both my kids went through years where they had hair-trigger gag reflexes aggravated by the allergies. (I will not spell that part out...use your imagination.) We had 2 cats and one developed kidney failure, poor old dude. The effects of his illness were the final straw for that carpet.

We made it 7 years before ripping that mess out of there and scraping up the pennies to DIY the least expensive vinyl planks we could find. 15 years later the planks are still holding up well, although they are scratched in a few places and are on my list to replace in the next 5 years. I was amazed at how much better our allergies were once we got rid of the carpet. Now when I hear a cat doing the ol' hairball hork I know there's a pretty good chance it will land somewhere easy to clean...although, cats being cats, they try to aim for a throw rug whenever possible.

The Home Depot website has a raft of customer reviews for LifeProof carpeting, on the whole they are very positive, many customers commenting on how soft the carpets feel and how impressed they are with the stain resistance; however, some customers also mentioned that the plush carpets did mean having to adapt their current vacuum cleaner or buy a new one.

If your issue was like mine, that the vacuum cleaner actually sticks in place from the suction, then the solution I found was a stick vac with adjustable suction and shunts that reduce the seal against the carpet.

It makes sense that regular vacuuming and prompt clean up of spills is important for routine carpet maintenance. But why do manufacturers' warranties also require annual deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner?

The use of small rental machines therefore is highly discouraged. These machines leave a soapy residue, which only attracts soil. In addition, because of their inability to effectively remove the water used in cleaning, multiple cleanings can lead to carpet delamination, where the layers of carpet separate and the top layer develops unsightly rolls or wrinkles.

Many times people keep the furniture in their homes the same their entire lives. When you move the furniture you will see small or large indentations in your carpeting from where the legs have not only rested for so long, but have also pressed your fibers together.

So far, there are no listings for new Atlas carpet anywhere (you might be able to find products from before the merger) but considering the buyout was rather recent, Mannington may still be trying to figure out what to do with the acquisition.

Synthetic carpets handle moisture and spills way better than natural-fiber carpets. Any option will do, but this is one of the rare instances where olefin carpets excel. Their slightly waxy feel repels water just a little bit better than nylon, triexta, and polyester.

Carpet cleaners with (gentle) circular motorized brushes are the best, though ordinary vacuums should work for most carpets too. Steam cleaners can also be useful for removing stains, just be sure that your carpet is compatible.

These are great tips. We recently got a new puppy not that long ago, so a list like this would have been helpful back then! One of the first things that we added to our list was a good carpet cleaner, because we adopted our puppy so young she wasn't fully potty trained and we had a lot of indoor accidents! We're going to have to pick up that stainmaster spray and see if it can really clean pet urine, because that would be a lifesaver! Thanks for this post!

Date created: 2022-02-25 Name: Michelle Allred Location: Utah Satisfaction Rating: Very Unsatisfied, 1 out of 5 Review: "Padding of Stainmaster" I bought new carpet 5 years ago and after 2 years had yellow spots coming out all over the carpet even though this carpet had a lifetime warranty they would not honor my request to have the carpet replaced. I have installed new carpet and now realize it was this wonderful expensive upgraded padding I had down from Stainmaster that was the problem from the begining. The blue padding had turned yellow everywhere including under the bed which had never been moved and had ruined my "life-time" warranty carpet so this whole time it was the freaking padding never felt so ripped of

Date created: 2021-12-07 Name: Jim Cantoni Location: Hudson, Ohio Model: Boundary 2 Satisfaction Rating: Very Unsatisfied, 1 out of 5 Review: "Lowes Stainmaster Carpet Is Terrible" We purchased carpet in April 2019 and especially paid extra for Pet Safe carpet with StainMaster Unfortunately, our dogs have accidents and we noticed that our brown carpet showed urine stains despite aggressive cleaning and wiping up. I also have a Bissell cleaner and would clean the carpet on a regular basis. None of this mattered and the dog's urine stains would show through.I did not realize that the StainMaster requires you to have the carpet professionally cleaned every 18 months to maintain the warranty. When I purchased my carpet, this was not made clear to me (although Lowes maintains I got a brochure explaining this). I had called Lowes to explain but they again did not explain about the cleaning process. I finally had enough and called to see some replacement only to find that my warranty was voided by my lack of having had a professional cleaning.To me, this is just a scam and a way to prevent Lowes and Stainmaster from avoiding to fix a bad product.The Lowes representative said this was "standard for the industry" but to me this is just another word for ripoff.Do yourself a favor and use a local known carpet house. I wish I had.

We moved into a rental with (conventional) light-coloured carpeting, and though we vacuum it regularly with a hepa-filtered vacuum, we need to find a way to clean it. Is steam cleaning the best option for those with chemical sensitivities and dust and mold allergies? If so any steam cleaners you recommend?

A new and improved version of a formula we've previously tested, Bissell's Pro Oxy Power Shot trigger targets the formula deep into the carpet so it works to remove not just what's on the surface, but what has penetrated into the carpet backing, too. When stain residue is not completely removed, it can wick its way back to the top and reappear. Bissell cleaners always top our stain removal tests, and we like that their oxy formulas lighten and remove stains in only five minutes and continue to clean even after blotting with a damp cloth.

We used Folex Instant Carpet Spot to remove on an old grease stain on a wool area rug and some mystery stains on a low loop carpet, and we were impressed. Both rugs looked cleaner and brighter in seconds and with very little effort. All we had to do was spritz a little on the stains, work it in gently with a fingertip and blot with a clean, dry cloth. Though it looked a bit sudsy as we worked it into the tufts, the cleaner was easy to blot out and left no residue behind, even without rinsing.

If spills like chocolate syrup and spaghetti sauce are allowed to set and dry, they can form a hard crust that can be difficult for plain sprays to penetrate. That's where Carbona's applicator top comes in handy. The soft sponge and brush allow you to break through tough, dried stains so the formula can get to work. We recently retested Carbona as part of a portable carpet cleaner test and we found it easy to use and very effective at removing stains that set overnight, like red wine and tea. It even performed better than some of the machines! Just be sure to only slightly puncture the foil seal on the bottle's top. If you make too big a hole or remove it completely, fluid dispenses too quickly or leaks when the bottle is tipped or knocked over.

Stash a bottle of this miracle cleaner, and you won't cry over spilled wine (or coffee, or juice or blood)! This formula topped our Cleaning Lab tests of red wine stain removers on fabric and carpet. Our experts found it easy to rinse out of carpeting so your pile will look perfect after cleaning and there's no residue left behind to attract grime. It's safe to use on washable upholstery and clothing, too.

We paid a good $6000 for good padding and carpet thru the house. So ripping it out is NOT an option. I guess i am wondering if you have this brand of carpeting, how are you dealing with it? I have called the company and was told i can only use soap and water. I have added baking soda to help with the smell. and i have not hired Stanley Steemer, since i have a big cleaner of my own.

The smell is from the pad underneath. Household carpet cleaner machines using just soap & water would be removing the urine from the carpet itself but not from the backing and more importantly, not from the rug pad underneath. You could literally wear out and destroy a piece of carpet and still never touch what is actually stinking: Padding and/or flooring underneath.

I have 5 dogs and a dog door in the family room. I have 4 levels of house. I cannot do what you are suggesting. They need access to the doggy door which is in the same room as the floor they had peed on. The dogs do fine most of the time, it is the smell(to dogs, not to humans) in the carpet that is going to continue to encourage them to use the carpet. NO, this carpet does not allow you to use ANY carpet cleaners, and WHY wuold anyone use bleach on a carpet? that would ruin the color. 041b061a72


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