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Supercharge Power BI: Power BI Is Better When Y...

The next stop under the Format tab is the Small multiples group. Under the Layout option, you can select Smart Rows, which sizes rows based on their values - larger rows for larger values You also have the Auto layout option that better handles scaling when you have large values. In our case, make sure you switch to Auto to make larger charts larger and optimize the utilization of space.

Supercharge Power BI: Power BI Is Better When Y...

Another powerful feature is the combination of a Zebra BI Power Table and small multiples. This approach allows you to easily explore data using the table to filter and compare small multiples. For example, just select the Product Revenue in the table and enjoy the details on a large chart. But you can also Ctrl + click multiple elements to select and compare them.

Power BI is a powerful self-service (and enterprise) business intelligence (BI) tool that was first made generally available by Microsoft in July 2015. Power BI is a complete BI package that covers the end to end BI process including data acquisition (get data), data modelling (prepare/model the data) and data visualisation (analyse the data). And there is a lot of good news about this tool including the fact that the skills needed to succeed with Power BI are fully transferable to Microsoft Excel. There are 3 learning areas required to master everything Power BI Desktop has to offer. 1. The M Language - used for data acquisition 2. The DAX Language - used to prepare and model data 3. Visualisation and analysis - used to present data in a compelling way Power BI is probably the first commercial grade software product that brings all of these areas into a single software package that is completely accessible to a business user (you don't need to be an IT pro). This book focuses on number 2 above, the DAX language (Data Analysis Expressions). Super Charge Power BI Desktop is the second book written by Matt Allington and is a sister book to his first book Learn to Write DAX (first released Dec 2015). Super Charge Power BI Desktop uses the same learning and practice exercise framework as used in Learn to Write DAX however the entire book is written using the Power BI Desktop user interface. Unfortunately simply reading a book is normally not enough for Excel users wanting to get the most out of Power BI Desktop and to learn the DAX language - most people will also need some practice. Super Charge Power BI Desktop is different to other books - it is written in such a way to clearly explain the concepts of Power BI data modelling while at the same time giving hands-on practice to deeply engage the reader to help the new knowledge and concepts stick. The book first presents the theory, then provides worked through sample exercises demonstrating each of the concepts, and finally it provides the reader with practice exercises and answers to maximize learning retention.

We'll start with Stitch, a simple, powerful ETL service for businesses of all sizes, up to and including the enterprise. It can move data from dozens of data sources. Sign up and you can be moving data to a data warehouse in five minutes. Choose at least one of Stitch's integrations as a data source. Most businesses get more value out of their data as they integrate more data sources; for our example, we'll look at data from two separate sources.

Microsoft Power BI serves as the third layer of our data analytics stack. Power BI differs from BI tools such as Looker, Chartio, Periscope Data, and Mode in that it doesn't depend on or expose any SQL code to power its queries. Arguably, a completely visual report builder like Power BI should be easier for business users to learn than a query language like SQL. In practice, though, Power BI's user interface is fairly complex, so it takes time to learn, just as SQL does. To use it well, you have to understand many of the same concepts you should know about for writing SQL queries.

Microsoft Power BI and Tableau are both powerful business intelligence tools for data visualization. At first glance their functionality and features might look very similar. So, how do you know which is the best solution for your business?

Power BI Premium is an even more powerful package costing $20 per month per user. It offers greater flexibility to publish reports across a business without the need for multiple individual licenses. Users can also maintain business intelligence assets on-premises with the Power BI Report Server.

Thematic allows you to do just that. And while we provide our own visualizations, we recognize that tools like Power BI and Tableau are more powerful. You can pull different types of data into these solutions, you can share dashboards more easily with colleagues. So, we created a Power BI app, and we also make it easy to integrate with Tableau via our API. If you are planning on using Power BI or Tableau to visualize qualitative data, you should check out the existing feedback reporting tools in Thematic.

First time ever bought a book related to power BI i.e. The definitive Guide to DAX 2nd edition. I have always relied on online learning now will see how the book will make a difference in DAX concepts. 041b061a72


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