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I Just Want To Be Your Friend

For example, take a look at your recent text messages or phone calls with this person. If you are the one who is constantly reaching out (i.e., you always text or call first) and they are not reciprocating your efforts, this could be a signal that you are in a one-sided friendship.

I Just Want to Be Your Friend

If you are prone to people-pleasing, you might subconsciously play along with this pattern because you want to be liked and make others happy. But in reality, you could be hurting your own self-confidence by putting the other person on a pedestal.

It is an act of self-respect to acknowledge and accept that a friendship does not rely on mutual effort anymore. Friendships take time and work. You deserve friends who put in an equal amount of work as you do to maintain your friendship.

Maybe they are overwhelmed or undergoing a major life change, such as starting a new job, moving to a new place, or having a baby. On the other hand, they could just be using their busy schedule to avoid you without hurting your feelings.

Action Tip: Wean yourself off of communications with this person. Instead, if you feel lonely, call a friend or family member and remind them how grateful you are to have them in your life.

The only constant in life is change, and people will inevitably move in and out of your life as you both change and evolve. Sometimes people outgrow friendships or find themselves on a different path.

Hi, I am 22 Years old and I want a friend, I live in a tiny third world country named Costa Rice, I like to saw clothes to adjust it to me, games, all kind of music, and I really try to dont be judgy since I am ver judgmental with myself,

You could also go to some new trails with your bike and on the weekend when people go and make some time before and after your ride to meet fellow riders setting up in the parking lot. You can ask them if they recommend any of the trails. As a cyclist I understand how it can feel very solitary at times. But I wish you luck. Hang in there. There are very groovy and friendly people in the outdoor community.

I find all of your lessons invaluable and spend a good part of each day catching up on old ones before I discovered your channel. I made a pact with myself some years back that if I am putting all the effort into staying in touch and connected then it is time to cut that friend lose. This has worked for me and I now have a small very close group of amazing friends.

When it comes to rejection texts to send if you want to be friends, you've got to strike the right balance. You'll want to be straight-up (so there's no room for confusion) and civil enough to leave the door open for friendship. As dating coach Erika Ettin previously told Elite Daily, "The two keys are tact and honesty when letting someone down. While someone might be disappointed that you don't want to go out again, [they] can't really be angry at you for feeling, or not feeling, how you do."

Sometimes fictional characters do not so easily get friends handed to them with the plot. They are lonely from the start and desperately looking to make and keep friends. The reasons for their loneliness may vary but, in the end, a character who really wants friends may either try to go about it in the wrong way, make friends with the wrong people, or secretly angst about it behind a different facade. If they end up successful more often than not these fictional characters will turn out to have been sociable all along, especially for Shrinking Violets, nerds, Cool Losers, etc.

A common episode plot for situation comedies, especially domestic comedies: A teenage character seems to have no friends at the moment, has a "woe-is-me" fit, and wants to make friends now. After a series of pratfalls, the the Aesop usually winds up being that friendships are valuable but need to be chosen carefully and that they don't happen overnight.

Related to Wish-Fulfillment and Friendless Background as these tropes are often, respectively, the meta and In-Universe justifications of this trope. Also related to I Just Want to Be Loved (a craving for love in general), The Four Loves (a general theory of love that includes friendship as one of its types), First Friend, and Imaginary Friend.

  • Literature Foundation and Empire: The Mule goes through childhood and adolescence without anyone ever liking him "naturally" (as opposed to being forced to do so by his psychic powers). Not until he's well into his twenties does he meet Bayta Darell, who has genuine affection for him (possibly because he's The Woobie). He's so overwhelmed by the feeling of just being liked that he inadvertently, carelessly, lets her ruin his plans for conquering the Second Foundation.

  • Kaori from Phantom's Reckoning 2 grew up with no real friends, the only person she could consider a friend was her father whom she loved, but he died tragically four years before the story's events. When she meets Yuki in the present day, this becomes her chance to make friends who can help her out in life. Kaori lets Yuki know multiple times that he's the first friend she ever had, and that she's glad to have him as a friend.

  • Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note's Aya has this being as one of her main traits, owing to the fact that she's generally friendless. It's going so far that her Limited Social Circle often exploited this trait.

  • Twilight fulfills this wish. Despite not lifting a finger to gain friends, Bella being the audience avatar gets friends in high school remarkably easy. Even when she forgets her Muggle friends for Edward Cullen or Jacob Black (ignoring them for months in New Moon) these friends are always there for her regardless. Both the Cullens and the werewolves look out for her despite the risk she brought to them. They happily accept her in their group of True Companions as a friend without an effort on her part despite the fact that both factions are normally not very open to average humans.

  • Live-Action TV On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, this is a main driving point behind Faith's actions. She really wants to be friends with Buffy but it never really happens. Then they do start becoming friends and she accidentally kills a man and pretends not to care, destroying the friendship they had been building. The comics touch on this, with her angsting over how she pushes away anyone who is the least bit decent to her.

  • In The Girl From Plainville, Michelle sees on Facebook that Natalie and Cassie were at a party and immediately posts to FB, asking if they tried texting her to let her know about the party. Her sister has to remind her she is supposed to stay away from computers per the term end of her bail agreement.

  • In iCarly, Freddie and Sam's lives are centered towards Carly. Without Carly there wouldn't be a friendship between them because Sam and Freddie dislike each other. However, neither of the two will hesitate to please her.

  • In Smallville, Clark himself fulfills this wish as he easily befriends "exotic" people all the time. Not only are his close friends loyal to him but also their lives are also centered towards him (Chloe Sullivan, Pete Ross, Lana Lang, etc.).

  • In the "Reverend Jim, A Space Odyssey" episode from Taxi, it's clear that Jim, a burned-out hippie, is desperate to find one, so the rest of the cabbies decide to turn him into a taxi driver too. Needless to say, this also changed the show in many aspects.

  • In Wizards of Waverly Place while Alex Russo might not be the most popular person, her friend Harper is a loyal best friend.

  • Video Games RPGs are in general designed in part to fulfill this desire as more often than not Because Destiny Says So the hero will be the leader and part of a group of True Companions. A specific example can be found in Marona, the main character of Phantom Brave. "One day... everyone will come to like you, if you treat them with kindness."

  • Subverted by most First Person Shooters as you almost always end as a One-Man Army Lone Wolf. 90% of the time you do have people helping you, they're generic soldiers that die just as easily as your enemies. For a glorious exploration to this approach, see Spec Ops: The Line. Among the rare exceptions to this is team-objective gameplay, such as Capture the Flag and Conquest/Domination/etc. Unlike Team Deathmatch, which encourages individual killstreaks, team-objective matches encourage players on the same team to communicate and work together to capture or defend a centralized objective. Examples include Overwatch, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, and Battlefield.

  • Mass Effect 2 doesn't throw out destiny. You have to fight to earn your crew's trust, and to build your team's capabilities and the coherence of the group to a point where they will follow you through hell and back.

  • Second Life fits this trope to a "T." Thanks to the sheer number of groups that one can join, such as gaming, roleplay, and every niche in between (and a good number of...explicit groups that will go unnamed), it has become a haven for people looking to find friends with common interests but are unable to due to their real-life circumstances.

  • The Sims. Don't have cool friends? Make Sims.

  • World of Warcraft. Believe it or not, some people are just in it for the social activities ('I just want to feel useful in the raid'), even if the game is one of the least conducive place to do so.

  • Western Animation Not even the Princess of Snark, Daria Morgendorffer, is wholly immune from this. The "brain" at Lawndale High School, Daria is largely self-sufficent and content to watch and comment from the outside. But at a time when a guy called Tom is straining their friendship, Daria reflects that to be fully functional, she needs just enough friends. She frets, and is seriously concerned by, the possibility that she has lost her best buddy Jane Lane forever - all over some guy.

  • Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible is both Type A and B, in that he wants to be popular. However, though he doesn't have many friends, the ones he has are very close. Actually, as 'So The Drama' pointed out at the end, both Kim and Ron have a lot of friends - as the crowd at the dance broke out in cheers for them when Bonnie tries to embarrass them by announcing that they're a couple.

  • Phineas and Ferb The Fireside Girls are this to Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, as they more often than not bend towards her desires (despite most of them being centered towards gaining Phineas's attention).

  • Phineas is easily the most popular kid on the show, even being friends with Buford, the neighborhood bully.

  • Buford himself is this. He's not very good at relating to people, which makes him lonely and bored, both of which cause him to act like a fairly stereotypical bully. And no, not in the sense that he's "jealous of you." Some episodes make it clear that he's actually a subversion, though.

  • Connie from Steven Universe starts out like this, frequently relocating before settling in Beach City, and once Steven befriends her, she gradually gets better at friendship, making friends with the gems and Greg, and even learning to be a better friend to her classmate Jeff after accidentally attacking him in "Mindful Education".

  • In Winx Club, Bloom fulfils this desire because at the beginning of the show she was not very popular until she suddenly found she was actually a Magical Girl and quickly became the leader and center of attention of her True Companions.



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