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Repair Droid System Pro V13.1.3 [Mod Ad-Free] [Latest]

As of April 2016[update], the latest versions of all major web browsers support TLS 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2, and have them enabled by default. However, not all supported Microsoft operating systems support the latest version of IE. Additionally, many Microsoft operating systems currently support multiple versions of IE, but this has changed according to Microsoft's Internet Explorer Support Lifecycle Policy FAQ, "beginning January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will receive technical support and security updates." The page then goes on to list the latest supported version of IE at that date for each operating system. The next critical date would be when an operating system reaches the end of life stage. Since June 15, 2022, Internet Explorer 11 dropped support for Windows 10 editions which follow Microsoft's Modern Lifecycle Policy.[90][91]

Repair Droid System Pro v13.1.3 [Mod Ad-Free] [Latest]

Changes since previous release:Alex Samorukov: Do not add -lresolv on non-Linux systems Fix bb_setpgrp weapper on the FreeBSD Fix httpd compilation on the FreeBSD Fix klogd applet compilation on the FreeBSD Fix missing "crypt.h" compilation error on the FreeBSD Fix mknod compilation on the FreeBSD Fix ntpd compilcation on the FreeBSD Fix ping build on the FreeBSD Fix traceroute applet on the FreeBSD Fix mail compilation on the FreeBSD Fix for the FEATURE_UTMP on the FreeBSDAlexander Sack: httpd: cgi-bin support for DELETE, PUT, OPTIONS etc methodsAlison Winters: vi: restore 0 offset after :set noXXX command vi: allow writing to another file if this one is readonlyAndre Kalb: udhcpc: Add support to change default interface nameBernd Kuhls: update_passwd: fix context variableChris Renshaw: fix for "invalid number" message during Android NDK buildsDenys Vlasenko: Makefile.flags: add a test for -lrt availability Cygwin fix trylink: do not drop libs from CONFIG_EXTRA_LDLIBS platform.h: fix for Bionic >= 21 not having wait3() libbb.h: inline byteswaps libbb/procps: smaller global data for username/groupname cache libbb: correct the name of is_TERM_dumb() libbb: do not check closedir() in remove_file() libbb: fix '--help' handling in FEATURE_SH_NOFORK=y libbb: introduce and use xgettimeofday(), do not truncate 64-bit time_t in shells decompress_gunzip: simplify ERR_RET bit clearing e2fsprogs/*: remove ioctl calling obfuscation move iterate_on_dir() from e2fsprogs to libbb tls: implement secp256r1 elliptic curve (aka P256) tls: "server did not provide EC key" is fatal tls: get rid of constant-time add/sub operations tls: make constant basepoint9[32] array 8-byte aligned tls: make x25519 key generation code more similar to P256 tls: reduce register pressure in i386 assembly (helps Android to compile) ascii: new applet crc32: new applet shells: do not allow bare "read" in non-bash compat configs ash: fix $unset_var/pattern/repl ash: make a strdup copy of $HISTFILE for line editing ash: match bash behavior for $empty_var/*/repl ash: parser: Fix VSLENGTH parsing with trailing garbage ash: placate -Werror=format-security ash: save Ron's patch from oblivion ash: speed up $v//pattern/repl if !ASH_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE hush: beautify ^D handling to match ash / bash hush: fix bkslash+newline handling and number validation in $NN and $#NN hush: fix handling of "cmd && &" hush: fix handling of \^C and "^C" hush: implement $'str' bashism hush: make LINENO selectable without BASH-COMPAT hush: optimize $var/pattern/repl for trivial patterns awk: after preinc/dec, only allow variable, field ref, array ref, or another preinc/dec awk: allow empty functions with no arguments, disallow function redefinitions awk: disallow break/continue outside of loops awk: do not special-case "delete" awk: do not use a copy of g_progname for node->l.new_progname awk: document which hashes are used at what state (parse/execute) awk: enforce simple builtins' argument number awk: evaluate all, even superfluous function args awk: fix beavior of "exit" without parameter awk: fix corner case in awk_printf awk: fix detection of VAR=VAL arguments awk: fix parsing of expressions such as "v (a)" awk: fix printf "%-10c", 0 awk: fix printf buffer overflow awk: fix use-after-free in "$BIGNUM1 $BIGGERNUM2" concat op awk: free unused parsing structures after parse is done awk: g_buf[] does not need a separate allocation awk: get rid of "move name one char back" trick in next_token() awk: in parsing, remove superfluous NEWLINE check; optimize builtin arg evaluation awk: make ltclass ("last token class") local to next_token() awk: more efficient -f FILE awk: move locals deeper into scopes where they are used, no logic changes awk: move match() code out-of-line awk: rand() could return 1.0, fix this - should be in [0,1) awk: remove custom pool allocator for temporary awk variables awk: remove redundant check awk: replace incorrect use of union in undefined function check (no code changes) awk: restore strdup elision optimization in assignment awk: rewrite "print" logic a bit to make it clearer awk: rollback_token() + chain_group() == chain_until_rbrace() awk: shuffle globals for smaller offsets awk: simplify parsing of function declaration awk: simplify tests for operation class awk: support %F %a %A in printf awk: tighten parsing - disallow extra semicolons awk: tighten rules in action parsing awk: unbreak "cmd" getline awk: unbreak "printf('%c') can output NUL" testcase awk: undo TI_PRINT, it introduced a bug (print with any redirect acting as printf) awk: use static tmpvars in main and exit awk: use smaller regmatch_t arrays, they had 2 elements for no apparent reason awk: use static tmpvars instead of nvalloc(1)ed ones awk: when parsing TC_FUNCTION token, eat its opening '(' awk: when parsing length(), simplify eating of LPAREN base32/64: accept -i "skip bad chars" option (currently in effect unconditionally) bc,dc: make BC_LINE_LENGTH/DC_LINE_LENGTH more compatible with GNU bc,dc: fix length(0) and length(0.000nnn) result bc: ^C on input line exits (unlike ^C during calculations, which does not) bc: code shrink: combine init() and copy() where we can bc: fix for mul overflow in scale calculation in a^b blockdev: support --get/setra chattr: fix "chattr =ae -R FILE" chattr: if IOC_FSGETXATTR fails, do not try IOC_FSSETXATTR chattr,lsattr: share stat error message chattr,lsattr: do not open e.g. device files unless asked directly; do not follow links chattr,lsattr: support -p lsattr: support more ext2 flags cksum: fix handling of read errors cp: implement -n cp: implement -t DIR cpio: fix "cpio -d -p A/B/C" df: POSIXLY_CORRECT sets _default_ scale, -m/-h overrides it df: support -t TYPE dnsd: check that we don't read past packet du: support -b "apparent size" echo: fix !ENABLE_FEATURE_FANCY_ECHO build echo: special case "echo --help": it should not show help text env: implement -0 free: implement -h hexdump: fix error message httpd: avoid extra stat() calls for "GET /dirname/" case httpd: avoid one stat() call for "GET /dirname" case httpd: if no request was given at all, close the socket without generating error page httpd: move proxy check before URL duplication and request type check httpd: no need to strcpy() when we only need to copy one byte httpd: support HEAD requests even in !CGI config inetd: deinline machtime() - gcc gets it wrong ionice: implement -t login: implement LOGIN_TIMEOUT lsof: print fd# too man: fix segfault in "man 1" modprobe: when reading modules.builtin, use basenames of files from it mv: implement -t and -T nslookup: do not print "No answer" for NODATA replies, closes 13006 ntpd: decrease INITIAL_SAMPLES from 4 to 3 ntpd: increase loglevel to 3 for "poll:32s sockets:0 interval:64s" message ntpd: log responses to clients at log level 3 ntpd: remove unused USING_INITIAL_FREQ_ESTIMATION code ntpd: tweak comments ntpd: without INITIAL_FREQ_ESTIMATION code, state variable is not needed too nuke: default to N pmap: fix column width, closes 13431 resume: write offset in /sys/power/resume_offset runsv: code shrink: use single handler function for SIGTERM and SIGCHLD runsv: robustify signal handling - SIGTERM to child between vfork and exec could mess things up shred: implement -s SIZE shred: with -u, unlink file even if it is zero length shuf: simplify check that we have at least one FILE start-stop-daemon: explain -x + -a test svlogd: if processor's stdin can not be opened, do not try ad infinitum switch_root: code shrink - use iterate_on_dir() tail: do not lose the tail of old file if new file (-F) is detected tail: fix typo in variable name tar: simplify addition of --exclude=GLOB to the expansion of -X EXCLFILE taskset: disallow "taskset -p 0" taskset: fix for PID longer than 12 chars taskset: implement -a taskset: use iterate_on_dir() tc: fix for parsing of "dev IFACE" and printing of "class list" tcp/udpsvd: robustify SIGCHLD handling telnetd: give inetd.conf example in --help timeout,top,watch,ping: parse NN.N fractional duration in locales with other separators touch: fix -am touch: fix SEGV if !ENABLE_FEATURE_TOUCH_SUSV3 touch: make FEATURE_TOUCH_NODEREF unconditional touch: switch to using utimensat() and futimens() touch: unbreak -h traceroute: fix compile error due to FreeBSD compat traceroute: fix option parsing udhcp: convert log1s() macro to function udhcp: shrink arpping() udhcpc: clarify bcast/unicast sends in logs, include server ID udhcpc: do not use inet_addr() to parse -r REQ_IP, it's deprecated udhcpc: get rid of client_data.fqdn field udhcpc: ignore zero-length DHCP options udhcpc: improve logs - show offer as it is received udhcpc: include client-id option in DECLINEs, even if it's a custom -x 61:HEX option udhcpc: remove deprecated -H/-h HOSTNAME options (9 years) udhcpc: rename server_addr to server_id, fix id comparison if it's not specified udhcpc: send client-id option in DHCPDECLINE udhcpc[6]: close listening socket more eagerly (e.g. across script runs) udhcpc[6]: do not pass xid around, keep it in client_data.xid udhcpc[6]: fold perform_renew() into its only caller udhcpc[6]: on SIGUSR1, do not go from rebind to renew state udhcpc[6]: remove superfluous "created raw socket" log message udhcpc[6]: untangle "timeout" and "remaining lease"; reduce min lease to 30 seconds udhcpc[6]: when renewing, send 1 packet (not 3), on failure go back to BOUND uniq: support -z unlzma: fix a case where we could read before beginning of buffer unzip: add -t unzip: fix for .zip archives with >4GB file vi: allow regular expressions in ':s' commands vi: move undo_queue_state in globals to other byte-sized members xxd: do not try reading from closed stdin when non-existent file is given xxd: implement -i "C style output" xxd: implement -o DISPLAYOFFSETEicke Herbertz: shell: also do word splitting when -d DELIM is usedHarald van Dijk: tar: exclude files before updating hardlink info listJeremy Lin: wget: allow HTTP 307/308 redirectsJán Sáreník: run-parts: permit dot later in file nameKhem Raj: gen_build_files: Use C locale when calling sed on globbed filesMario Abajo: login: permit change expired password wit PAMMartin Kaiser: Makefile.flags: fix the OS detection for libresolvMaxim Storchak: httpd: fix offset for sendfileNatanael Copa: echo: do not assume that free() leaves errno unmodified lineedit: fix tab completion with equal signPaul Spooren: nslookup: mention QUERY_TYPE SRV build system: use SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for timestamp if availableRafał Miłecki: dd: support iflag=count_bytesRasmus Villemoes: watchdog: make open-write-close-open functionality a config knobRob Landley: cut: add toybox-compatible options -O OUTSEP, -D, -F LISTRon Yorston: bloat-o-meter: avoid double counting build system: avoid build failure during bisection libbb: code shrink and speed up find_applet_by_name() libbb: code shrink and speed up index_in_strings() libbb: code shrink fgets_str libbb: introduce and use fputs_stdout lineedit: support empty PATH entries in tab completion ash: add process substitution in bash-compatibility mode awk: allow printf('%c') to output NUL, closes 13486 cp,mv: fix -t DIR option cp: fix build failure with long options disabled cryptpw: typo in usage message diff: code shrink nl: ensure '-b n' option displays file content uniq: really support -z vi: ':r' should insert text after current line vi: 'G'/'M' commands move to first visible character vi: 'ZZ' should warn if there are more files to edit vi: :wq/:x should warn if there are more files to edit vi: add expandtab option vi: adjust conditional compilation of modifying_cmds vi: allow 'gg' to specify a range vi: allow 'r' command to be aborted, repeated vi: allow backward search to specify line address vi: allow ctrl-D to reduce indentation vi: allow delimiter in ':s' to be escaped vi: allow line addresses to have an offset vi: allow motion count for change/delete/yank/shift vi: allow repetition count for paragraph motion vi: allow the '.' command to have a repetition count vi: changes to line addresses for colon commands vi: changes to option handling vi: code shrink colon line addresses vi: code shrink motion by paragraph vi: code shrink search commands vi: correct autoindent for 'O' command vi: correctly record deleted characters vi: cursor positioning after whole-line 'y' vi: deal with invalid movements in shift commands vi: detect and warn about invalid line addresses vi: don't move cursor when yanking whole lines vi: don't overwrite existing file vi: expand '%' and '#' in colon commands vi: fix backward search with GNU regex vi: fix buffer overrun; code shrink vi: fix empty line range regression vi: fix range selection by forward character motion vi: fix regex search compilation error vi: fix word operations across line boundaries vi: improve handling of anchored searches vi: improve motion by paragraph vi: improve operations involving paragraph movement vi: improvements to ':read' command vi: improvements to character search within line vi: improvements to range selection vi: improvements to reporting of changes vi: improvements to undo vi: initialise tabstop once not for each file vi: issue a warning on failure to find a character vi: keep autoindent if line isn't empty vi: make autoindent respect expandtab setting vi: make buffer handling more vi-like vi: make context marks more like vi vi: make cursor positioning more vi compatible vi: make de-indentation with ctrl-D more like vim vi: make put commands more like vi vi: make the substitute command more like vi vi: more fixes to range selection by word vi: position cursor on last column of tab vi: preserve state when switching file vi: reject change command when motion fails vi: remember cursor column during vertical motion vi: remove autoindent from otherwise empty lines vi: reset command count when specifying '0' range vi: saving unnamed file in readonly mode vi: stored search pattern applies to ':s' vi: support more commands for range selection vi: up/down motion beyond end of file should fail vi: use basic regular expressions for searchRussell Senior: udhcpc: ignore zero-length DHCP optionsS Harris: cpio: fix sscanf on unterminated buffer vi: fix read outside of text buffer during insertSamuel Sapalski: decompress_gunzip: Fix DoS if gzip is corruptSergey Ponomarev: wget: new option FEATURE_WGET_FTP to enable/disable FTP httpd_post_upload.cgi: use mktemp to avoid $RANDOMSeth David Schoen: udhcpd: don't hardcode treating .0 and .255 speciallySören Tempel: ls: don't output any colors with TERM=dumbXabier Oneca: touch: add SUSv3 options -a and -m touch: fix atime set from reference file touch: remove unneeded GETOPT32 defines touch: prevent usage of -r and -t at once


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