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How to Enjoy Resident Evil Retribution Online for Free: A Guide for Action Horror Fans

the resident evil franchise is back. after two underwhelming films and no live action movies since resident evil 4, paul w.s. anderson is back in the director's chair for the first live action resident evil film. this has got to be the most ambitious resident evil movie to date and the director has delivered a great film. anderson has delivered a movie that is perfectly suited for the franchise and the action is amazing. the only problem i had with this movie was that they didn't answer enough questions about the umbrella corporation and the zombies.

HD Online Player (Resident Evil Retribution Full Movie)

probably the best of the four 4k uhd blu-ray re-releases, retribution gets a 1080p 2.39:1 4k scan for its native disc release. the image has a very good amount of resolution and detail but is a little soft around the edges, which is common with older movies shot on film. this is a gorgeous transfer that offers plenty of color and detail. there's a nice amount of grain to it as well, including some to the clouds in the background of the climactic mission that look like they're made of cotton candy.4.5/5

there's a lot of unnecessary/not-needed cgi happening in this movie. i know it's kind of the whole point of the film, but it just looks out of place and can be distracting. while the retribution is supposed to be the big budget version of the series, even though this is a sequel, it doesn't feel like it. the whole atmosphere feels like it's been pushed to the next level, or done in the cheapest way possible. some of the more fantastic effects work includes the zombie catchers that are on the streets of raccoon city, but the majority of it just looks like your standard cg effects all over the place.3/5


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