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I have tried the following code to download a video in YouTube and it is working, but I want to save the video at a particular location. Now it is saving the video in C:/Users/Download. If I want to save the video in the desktop, what changes do I need in the code?

5 Rifles movie mp4 download

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It will save the file where your .py application is in. for example, if your .py program is in your desktop folder and you run your app from the desktop, the output will save on your desktop. the only thing you need is to save your .py file in Desktop and then open a command line and go in Desktop using cd command after it run your .py file using python YOURAPP.pybut if you want to download it and then save it in another place, you need to download it like you do now (in your temporary place) then moves it via file libraries in python.

and loop through the file, downloads the file that youtube-dl supports, calculating duration between start_time and end_time and passing it to ffmpeg, since -t is actually the duration, not the real end_time

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Download the videos by using the existing /output/ hack that is to append this to the URL. But this results in a zip file full of 17 (or more) harsh .flv and .xml files containing separated audio and video. I searched for a tool to convert those back to the regular video, and I haven't found anything useful. I found that those annoying and harsh files are the same than the ones that are already downloaded in the browser's cache for the playback.

Ask every professor to unlock the mp4 download such as enabling the possibility of using /output/filename.mp4?download=mp4 with download=mp4 rather than a harsh zip file. But I fear that this would require them to allow their video to be publicly accessible by anyone in their admin settings, so I'm not sure this is an option for them.

Assume that the Adobe Connect ID is p6vwxp2d0c2f, i.e. the URL is As you mentioned in the question, you can add /output/ at the end of the URL to download some zip archive containing a bunch of audio and video files as well as some .xml files. E.g., =zip could contain:

Why force to download something which has a worse image quality and larger size? Also, YouTube has long stopped encoding >=4K videos into AVC/H.264 and they are now provided using VP9/AV1 codecs exclusively:

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